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Eagle tattoos

Eagle tattoos is well-known through the globe, especially in the USA (because the eagle is the national animal of the americans), there are a lots of styles, in color, in shape.

Eagle tattoos can be full body, or just a smaller one. Eagles tattoo designs is popular in the army too, because the army's animal is the eagle, and it's also a memorial symbol of the soliders

Eagles could symbolize freedom, (as a lot of bird type of tattoo).

Eagles could symbolize strenght, precision, decisive action, and in quick attack, and these designs often cames with some banners, with quotes.

Although, the eagles are popular in many other cultures too, for example in the greek and aztec culture too.These cultures thought the symbol of the eagle give them courage and pride.

The greek eagle tatto is referring to the God of the Sun, the greek though all the eagles linked to that god.

Some standard design of eagle:

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Daisy Tattoo Designs

Daisy is a femine type of tattoo, and it not really popular nowadays. The daisy tattoes hold a really deep meaning for it's wearer, mostly a private meaning or symbol.

The size of daisy tattoos can be really varied, from the full body tattoos or really small flowers.

The most common daisy design is the rose, the other popular is the cherry blossom, which is a really femine type tattoo.

the other popular flower is the hibiscus which can be seen as tattoos, hibiscus means beauty

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Tribal Butterfly Tattoos

Butterfly tattoos really popular nowadays, because it's colorful and beautiful wings. Tribal butterflies gives a really traditional and oldschool look.

Butterflies looks especially good at the mid of your shoulder/back

Butterflies are femine type of tattoos. You can chose in wide-variety like colorful, realistic, black.

Butterfly tattoos have a lot of meanings, like rebirth, love ( in china), delicate beauty (just think about a real butterfly), freedom (as a butterfly can fly away anytime).

Butterfly consists 4 cycle of life like egg, larva, pupa and adult. So it can symbolise that you are an adult at the top of your life cycle.

Some full body butterfly tattoo designs